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Do you want to make your workplace conversations even better? 

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You've reached where you are because you already know how to communicate effectively.


However, sometimes your surroundings can make life difficult.  Often there’s too much background noise, or someone is talking too quietly, or they are just a bit too far away for you hear them fully. 


The extra listening effort you need in these situations not only leaves you feeling drained and frustrated but also means you can't think so quickly on your feet and makes it harder for you to remember the details of the conversation.

In short, you just don't feel you've been at your best.

How Hearing Partners can help

The Ear Tricks  programme

Hearing Partners CIC has developed a specialist EAR Tricks training programme that will quickly show you how to get the best out of conversations in noisy and difficult environments. It is based on decades of experience working with people in challenging listening situations.

The programme is designed to be delivered through a series of short stand-alone online modules, or in a face-to-face interactive workshop.  The generic programme can be easily adapted to specific communication situations. It covers three key areas: Environment, Actions, and Resources



Discover how to recognise the reasons why some environments make listening difficult.

Find out why things like soft furnishing and carpets can make a surprisingly big difference.



Acquire tactics and strategies that will put you in the best position – literally – to hear better.

Understand how to use your vision and lighting to best advantage when noise levels rise.



Learn how to use resources  you probably already have, such as features built into many smartphones.


Explore more specialist equipment and training to see whether any could help you further. 

The EAR Tricks  programme will leave you understanding the power of your own hearing and how to use it well. As we mature, our ability to separate the speech we want to hear from distracting background noise becomes less effective even if we have no hearing loss. EAR Tricks can help restore your hearing powers.


Ultimately, improving your ability to listen easily in noise will directly enhance your sense of wellbeing and effectiveness. Renew your confidence in your ability to have enjoyable and effective conversations in noise! 

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EAR Tricks 
for the Director of People 

You take responsibility for creating the conditions that enable your staff to excel

  • Discover why it is vital that everyone can hear easily, whatever their role

  • Find out how you can prevent stress in the workplace that can be traced directly to struggles to hear

  • Improve the retention of older experienced employees when you improve listening conditions and skills for everyone

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EAR Tricks
for everyone 

You want to feel confident and at the top of your game at all times

  • Discover how to recognise when your surroundings are causing you unnecessary difficulties

  • Learn some simple but highly effective tactics and strategies to help you listen more easily in noisy settings

  • Improve your effectiveness and enjoy feeling in control of your communication again

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Workplace hearing screening

Working with our trusted partner WorkScreen, we can provide on-site class leading occupational hearing tests, also known as "surveillance audiometry". WorkScreen tests can be incorporated into our face-to-face workshops as needed.

Providing occupational audiometry screening is mandatory for all employees working in noisy environments.  Workscreen provides high quality, calibrated workplace hearing tests with minimal disruption to the company. 


This is an image of the Workscreen hearing test suitcase

Key Features

  • Hygienic and simple to use touch screen

  • Certified HSE hearing test and questionnaire

  • Calibrated noise isolating headphones

  • Data secure

  • Full test report and any follow on recommendations

  • The value to you

    Office Meeting

    Our training is based on decades of experience in helping people communicate more easily with one another under challenging conditions.

    It is now being recognised that many workplaces expose staff to levels of noise that interfere with performance and mental health to a surprising extent - even when the 'noise' appears moderate, such as in a standard open-plan office.  Not only does this affect performance, it also leads to loss of confidence, reduced wellbeing, feelings of isolation, and stress.

    It is particularly relevant to those aged over 55, and can even lead to premature retirement. This means loss of expertise to the company and unnecessary recruitment costs, and loss of income to the individual.

    With our gradual return to the office in the post-pandemic world, it is more important than ever to ensure that adverse working conditions and underdeveloped listening skills do not pose a barrier for more mature workers.

    Meet the team

    Head shot image of Lorraine Gailey, Founding Director
    Head shot image of David Butler, Technical Director
    This is an image of Julian our Marketing Director

    Lorraine Gailey

    Founding Director

    David Butler

    Technical Director

    Julian Harcourt

    Sales and Marketing Director

    Meet the team

    Don't just take our word for it. Here's what others have said!

    "I had no idea that so many people have the same problem because everybody else looks like they know what's going on. This has given me the confidence to speak up and say 'I can't hear you, can we move somewhere else please?' "

    Rotary Club UK member

    "There are so many simple and obvious things in here, and I'm ready to try some of them out.

    Can't believe they didn't occur to me before"

    Chamber of Commerce member

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