How do I know about hearing?

Dr Lorraine Gailey

BSSc, PhD, DipCCS, DipIoD, ILM 7 Coach & Mentor

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For 30 years, I worked with adults rebuilding their lives after losing some or all of their hearing. I met so many people who had withdrawn from their family and social life or given up careers they loved and were good at, just because they hadn't been taught the right tricks of the hearing/ communication trade. When equipped with these new skills and knowledge, they were able to enjoy life again and return to being fulfilled at work.

This led me to three key insights:

  • our hearing matters so much more than we think - for everything, everywhere

  • the right communication strategies, knowledge and technology can overcome most hearing barriers

  • few people discover these solutions without help.

I began to see that the solutions that work so well for people with hearing loss can also work for people with normal hearing who struggle in unfavourable acoustic conditions. So I put together the Hearing Partners Training Programme to prevent the loss of talent and personal satisfaction that is happening in our increasingly noisy world.

My contacts in the hearing industries keep me up-to-date with the incredible technologies available today, both specialised and mainstream. The possibilities for enhancing normal hearing are amazing - and often inexpensive or free.  

To explore whether this Programme can help you

(or perhaps a friend or colleague),

contact me for an informal no-commitment conversation

Lorraine Gailey 07912 268901
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