Hearing Partners CIC: building better relationships by improving hearing 

The Company


Hearing Partners CIC improves the way we use our hearing in everyday life so that we can all build stronger relationships and enjoy our working lives more. It was born from a deep understanding of how people who live with hearing loss manage to overcome the immense obstacles they face when communicating in a hearing world. 


We operate in two ways:

  • through our blogs, talks and events we raise awareness about how important our hearing is to our mental and emotional well-being, our social connections, and our productivity in the workplace;

  • through our Training Programmes we show how with a little thought and minimal financial outlay we can all hear better and therefore relate better to the people who matter in our lives.  

As a Community Interest Company, all profits are reinvested in the community. 

Our people


David Butler

personal experience   |   project management

David has 30-years of technical background within the food industry, and is a highly experienced and successful project manager.


In 2016 he had a sudden and complete loss of hearing. A cochlear implant brought David back into the hearing world, but he still has to tackle barriers to communication each day.


He now runs his own technical consultancy, and he also helps the SME market to develop more inclusive workplaces and accessible communications. His work improves individual independence and employability, particularly important within the older workforce.


David's work delivers change and truly benefits both employer and individuals. 


Founding Director

Dr Lorraine Gailey

BSSc, PhD, DipCCS, DipIoD, ILM 7 Coach & Mentor

professional experience  | networks

For 30 years, I worked with adults rebuilding their lives after losing some or all of their hearing. I met so many people who had withdrawn from their family and social life or given up careers they loved and were good at, just because they hadn't been taught the right tricks of the hearing/ communication trade. When equipped with these new skills and knowledge, they were able to enjoy life again and return to being fulfilled at work.


This led me to three key insights:

  • our hearing matters so much more than we think - for everything, everywhere

  • the right communication strategies, knowledge and technology can overcome most hearing barriers

  • few people discover these solutions without help.

I began to see that the solutions that work so well for people with hearing loss can also work for people with normal hearing who struggle in unfavourable acoustic conditions. So I put together the Hearing Partners Training Programme to prevent the loss of talent and personal satisfaction that is happening in our increasingly noisy world.

My contacts in the hearing industries keep me up-to-date with the incredible technologies available today, both specialised and mainstream. The possibilities for enhancing normal hearing are amazing - and often inexpensive or free.  




Julian Harcourt

insight  |  marketing  |  networks


Julian runs greyafro (www.greyafro.com), a specialist marketing consultancy helping businesses understand/target/communicate with consumers aged over 50.


He has over 30 years' experience and has worked for and with brands like Experian, Viking Cruises, RBS, Nationwide and Brakes Foodservice in Senior Marketing roles.

In his work at greyafro he works with clients to communicate more effectively with older consumers (of which he is one!). He is also a speaker and presenter for events related to longevity and customer marketing.