When you want or need to make a major in your career,
work with me as your Hearing Partner and you will find yourself exploring surprising and exciting new options.
My approach will free you from preconceptions and limitations
arising from your career to date, so you
can make the best choices for your future.
Our work together will weave three vital strands together. Using a wide range of tools and techniques, I'll help you:
  1. to hear your inner self clearly

  2. to hear the insights others can offer you

  3. to be heard in a way that will deepen your understanding of yourself.

Hear yourself

Get to know your core drivers


Hearing Partners Coaching will help you become fully aware of the deep, enduring inner drives and motivations that underpin your unique contribution in the world of work.


In less time than you thought possible, you will find yourself considering unexpected new career avenues to give you ever greater satisfaction and success.

Hear others

Use the insights of others to understand yourself better


Hearing Partners Coaching will show you how to learn more about yourself from your interactions with others (including me as your coach).


You will often be surprised by the invaluable insights that will help you make the most of your unique passions.

Be heard

Do what only you can do - and make your mark


Hearing Partners Coaching will hear you in a way you will find illuminating, exhilarating, and forward-looking.


This is not about analysing your history or revisiting your past - it's about tuning in to current and future directions that excite you most and offer you the greatest potential for personal fulfillment and career acceleration.


If you are anticipating a big change in your career or employment status, the Hearing Partners Coaching approach will suit you. This is true whether the change is driven by you or imposed on you by circumstance, and whether it is welcome or not.


The only thing that matters is that you want to ensure your future is even better than your past.


The Hearing Partners approach can be especially valuable in situations like the following.


Dr Lorraine Gailey

BSSc, PhD, DipCCS, DipIoD, ILM 7 Coach & Mentor

I hold qualifications in psychology, speech & language therapy, corporate direction and coaching & mentoring.


However, I honestly believe these qualifications are less important to you than my 30 years' practical experience in coaching hundreds of adults of all ages as they faced major career changes in an immense variety of workplace contexts.


Most of the people I worked with were confronting a career crossroads because their hearing had changed, sometimes gradually and sometimes suddenly. None welcomed the change, needless to say; but many found that the need to review their career and explore alternatives led them to a more satisfying and fulfilling future than they might have otherwise followed.


This has left me with a deep understanding of how to work well with anyone who needs or wants to develop greater insight into their values and priorities in life before settling on their next career step. 


My methods are simple. I will ask probing questions and listen to you intently as you delve deep into yourself to formulate your replies. I can draw on a wide range of tools and techniques where necessary to help you understand yourself better and move you forward. I will challenge you to examine your core beliefs and drivers, and push you to explore new directions for your future that could raise you to new heights. And I promise to do all this with genuine warmth, enthusiasm and gentle humour.


My intent for you is that you know how to get the most out of yourself and are well prepared to step into the best phase of your life so far. 

Lorraine Gailey 07912 268901
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