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Prepping for our first live webinar

Next week, Hearing Partners will be working with Aging2.0 to deliver a fascinating webinar on an extremely important but little-recognised problem: that many people struggle when trying to hear discussions at work that are vital for their productivity simply because listening conditions are poor, or they have a mild hearing loss ... or both, which tends to be the case with older workers more frequently than younger colleagues.

The impact of this problem is felt at a personal level: frustration, fatigue, loss of concentration, reduced ability to think quickly, and difficulty remembering everything. It affects the business bottom line: lower staff performance, stress, and the loss of experienced staff with all the costs associated with replacing them. And it has a measurable, huge effect on our economy - just at a time when we need every boost we can get.

So save the date: 14 May 2021 13.00-14.00 and watch this space for further details!

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